The Essential Men's Jacket Wardrobe: Must-Have Styles for Every Season

Over the years, jackets have evolved in style as well as functionality. They are not only comfortable to wear but can also be styled in different ways making them a versatile piece of clothing. The best thing about them is that you can style one type of jacket in various ways. There are different types of jackets available like track jackets, denim jackets, leather jackets, Harrington jackets, and many more. So, better ensure you have the right ones in your wardrobe.    

In this blog, you will find different ways you can style your custom men’s jackets and level up your fashion game.

6 Ways to Style a Jacket

Custom men’s jackets can be worn over a shirt as well as a T-shirt which makes such pieces of clothing quite versatile. Check out some styling ideas below for inspiration.

1. Create a Minimalist Look

On days when you are too lazy to decide what to wear, such minimalist styling of a jacket can go handy. Pair your custom men’s jacket with basic chinos in shades of grey, white, or navy blue. Furthermore, you can add some accessories and complement it with sneakers or Chelsea boots to enhance the overall look. 

2. A Comfy Combo of Jacket and Joggers

custom full zip jacket in grey

When it comes to working out or exercising, you should always go for comfortable and breathable clothes. Get your hands on a custom full zip jacket in colors of grey or black and pair it with your favorite joggers and a T-shirt. Add a pair of running shoes or cross-trainer shoes to complete the look.

3. Jacket as a Business Outfit

Your corporate attire doesn’t need to be boring anymore! Elevate your office clothing by combining a full-sleeve shirt and a pair of trousers with a custom men’s jacket. Team it up with brogues or oxford shoes to keep the formal look intact.

4. Classy Style Aesthetic

Want to create a nerdy look? Styling custom men’s jackets in the right way can help you achieve the same. Choose a custom track jacket and pair it with a slim-fit khaki trousers in colors navy, grey or beige. Lastly, wear a belt and slip on your loafers to get a tailored look.

5. Layer it Up for Chilled Winters

custom men’s jacket in black

Among many custom men’s jackets, the Harrington jacket is suitable as trans-seasonal clothing. Due to its loose fit, you can wear a sweater underneath or even layer it with an overcoat. For footwear, you can wear a pair of sneakers or boots and add some accessories of your choice.

6. Jacket, a go-to Clothing for Weekend Outings

The best feature of premium custom clothing is that you can wear the same outfits to both formal and informal events. When going for an outing you can keep it simple and casual. Get your favorite custom full zip jacket and wear it with a pair of skinny or straight jeans. Also, add a white tee and keep your jacket’s zip open for a dashing look.

4 Tips to Enhance Your Jacket Styling

There are some key factors you need to keep in mind to enhance your overall look when wearing a jacket. Find them below:

  • When you are going for a casual outing, you can try to create a color contrast between your jacket and other pieces of clothing. 
  • Adding a belt to your clothing can greatly enhance your look.
  • Dress with flair by adding accessories like hats, glasses, or wristwatches. 
  • Custom full zip jackets look the best when unzipped and worn over a plain T-shirt.

In a Nutshell

There are different types of jackets available including custom men’s jackets, custom full zip jackets, custom track jackets, and many more. The best thing about this piece of clothing is that they are not season specific as you can wear them all year round depending on your comfortability. You can either style your favorite lightweight jackets with a simple tee during autumn and spring or layer them with heavy trench coats during chilly winters. Knowing how to style jackets can help you wear them to different occasions irrespective of their type. At Dillusional Mind, you can explore more options for jackets and experience the real meaning of premium custom clothing.